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Exterior Painting

A well-done paint job on the exterior of a home is important for both protection from the elements and for aesthetic reasons.

Quality Painting

Whether you’re a landlord preparing a property for new tenants, a homeowner looking to boost your home’s appearance and value, or anyone else looking for residential exterior painting services on the western slope which includes, Aspen, Carbondale, Basalt, Snowmass, Paonia, Hotchkiss, and Delta, Alpine Painting can help.

Free Estimates

The owner of Alpine Painting, Aaron Kluding, provides free consultations & estimates. The consultation gives advice on how best to approach your project, while the estimate is based on the time and materials required to complete it. Aaron coordinates with homeowners to find a convenient time for the consultation/estimate step, but in the case of exterior painting, a homeowner does not need to be present. After that, Aaron emails a proposal and schedules the job.

Color Consultation

As for the paint itself: Aaron can provide advice on colors and carries color decks so that customers can see different options before committing. Exterior painting is weather dependent, so the Sherwin-Williams paint used by Alpine Painting is geared toward Colorado’s elevation and climate.

Alpine Painting Assurance & Warranty

Aaron and an Alpine Painting crew handle their own jobs rather than using subcontractors. Payment is not due until the completion of the project, and all work has a one-year warranty. Alpine Painting has been satisfying customers since its founding in 2001. As one reviewer put it, the company “painted, stained and refurbished the exterior with outstanding results, and just in time for our summer guests, as promised.” If that sounds like the level of quality you’re after for your exterior painting project, contact Alpine Painting today.


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